Other Coyotes' Policies


We recognize the rising cost of youth sports has left some families and communities behind. For financial aid requests or questions, please email the registrar at clubadmin@coyoteslacrosse.org



Players should play at the age level designated by the US Lacrossecut-off dates.  In very rare instances, exceptions will be made, but such decisions will not be made lightly. The most common exceptions will occur with a combination of the below factors:

A player has already played 2 years or more at a certain age group.

The player’s parent is a coach needed at the next age level.

The player barely misses a cut-off and as a result, will be playing with players, not in his/her grade (often a particular consideration for 8th graders preparing for High School lacrosse).

Should a player be moving up an age bracket, the “playing up” player should be at least in the top third of the higher level team in terms of skill and ability.  If several players all want to move up then it would be better to all stay at grade level and enjoy a dominant season.


Lacrosse is a Game for All

Coyotes Lacrosse with the support of USA Lacrosse is committed to fostering a national lacrosse community that encourages understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of all. We believe that broad representation and participation, through accessibility and availability to everyone, add significant value to the lacrosse experience of each of us.


Lacrosse is a RAIN or SHINE sport!
We are fortunate to play a good deal on turf fields which enables us to be on the field in inclement weather.  For practices and games, coaches and team managers will communicate only if an event is cancelled due to unsafe conditions – electrical storm, high winds, pools of water, etc., or due to a grass field closure.
We have limited field space, so canceling home games in all likelihood will require the game to be played at an away field at a later date or the game not occurring at all.  Please make every effort to play the games as scheduled.